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Mary Helen Schmidt Interview: SSSG005

Sharing Animal Communication and Spiritual Arts has grown from my life-long passion for loving animals and a desire to deepen our relationships to become a major part of my life and career over the past ten years.” Mary Helen Schmidt

Our featured guest is able to intuitively connect with a person’s present or past animal companion through photographs, verbal descriptions, or in-person meetings. During this process, animals reveal their viewpoints and feelings on situations or themselves, including topics such as their living situations, favorite activities, current ailments, or human family.  Through the wisdom of your animal companion, she will receive images and direct responses that lead to a whole new range of information. Listen to her podcast to understand the process that she completes as she communicates with the animals. Her intuitive gifts are a great asset to humans and animals as they follow their spiritual paths.

The non-profit organizations that she wants others to be apart of are:

Rocking R Ranch & Rescue:

Happy Kats:

You can reach Mary Hellen Schmidt at:

Or at: