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Jessi Putz

Jessi Putz Interview-SSSG004

“I am in energy work. I call to and interpret the energies surrounding you. They can be deceased like a loved one or living like you and I. I use my sensitivities to connect you with lost ones and yourself!”  Jessi Putz

When Jessi went to a psychic medium for a reading, she was told that she would work as a spiritualist.  Working with others who have childhood trauma is one of her specialties. She enjoys helping others heal through trauma and find peace. Having doubt in herself as a spiritualist has been her biggest barrier. She always needs to have physical evidence to prove that paranormal events in spiritualism are real. She considers herself a skeptic but becomes inspired when there is validation during a reading with a client.

Jessi would like others to support any non-profit organization who help animals that are in need. As an empath, she wants to give “a voice” to these animals so that they will receive the help they need.

You can contact Jessi on Facebook at: