Tracey Escobar Interview- SSSG002

” I am on a journey to becoming a professional medium. Follow me along the way. Through ups and downs, the inspiration, and the magic. Believe in the unbelievable. Our loved ones are just a thought away.” Tracey Escobar

Tracey Escobar is a professional psychic-medium, healer, teacher, coach, and author in the Dallas area. Her spiritual journey began 4 years ago and she is not slowing down! She loves changing others’ lives with each reading that she does. She created a business called, The Red Couch Medium, and explains in the podcast how the name materialized. During her healing process to develop her abilities, she developed an Oracle Deck with colorful images called, “Messages from Above.”    Tracey’s passion comes across in her voice on the podcast. Learn more about her journey into spiritualism. You won’t be sorry!   The non-profit organization that is dear to her hear is the MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) organization. Her daughter had a friend that lost her life due to a drunk driver.

You can contact Tracey on her Website at:

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