Interview with Michelle Henderson-SSS01


Michelle Henderson is the founder of the Stepping Stones to Spiritual Guidance company. She created this podcast in the hopes of learning how others became spiritualist. Colin interviewed Michelle in the first episode so that she could share how she became “authentic” and how she was able to embrace who she was meant to be. The spirit world began to connect with Michelle when she was in her 20s. To fully understand what was happening, she took psychic classes from Kathleen Tucci.  The first stepping stone was accomplished! Information that Kathleen provided help guided Michelle to spiritual awakening. Unfortunately, life got in the way, and Michelle would not pursue spiritual life until her 50s. The timing was essential in Michelle’s journey. For Michelle to continue her spiritual journey, she enrolled in a class with Tracy Escobar where she would learn how to develop her psychic-mediumship.

Through this class, Michelle was lead to become a psychic medium healer. She also became interested in spiritual art and is able to draw loved ones that have crossed over. Her goal is to help others continue to heal as they fulfill their own journey and destiny.